Brock University + Del-Gatto Estates

In memory of my loving husband, gone from this earth only 5 short months now, I wanted to create something that would continue beyond his life but stay true to what he loved to do.

Pat loved to give his knowledge of growing vines (really, any plant) and he was an advocate for cool climate & hybrid grape varieties. Our vineyard is just that, and he made amazing, highly sought after vintages every year.

I connected with Brock University and the CCOVI program and we have created The Pasquale Del-Gatto Bursary for first year students taking the CCOVI undergraduate program. An annual $1000 bursary for a student in financial need.

I'm so excited to be able to do this to keep his memory alive; to help others achieve their dreams and goals, and to celebrate the wonderful man he was.


(photo credit: Rick VanSickle)

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