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Hello July!

June was indeed a busy month.  We're moving to the vineyard, but we have to build the house first!  You'll be seeing some construction during the summer and we're hoping to be settled in after harvest in the fall.  Having the vineyard as our backyard is a dream come true.

The patio continues to be a happening place as we bring in the music and wood-fired pizza on weekends.  Don't forget our charcuterie platter built for two available all week - perfect for a casual and peaceful opportunity to "be in the moment" and just breathe and enjoy - with your favourite glass of wine of course.  We've been told our vineyard brings certain calm to your soul. 

We're excited to release the last barrel of 2014 Giacomo's Select Baco, and it's moving fast!

We've filtered the Pinotage and the Piccolo Rosso.........both stunning, full-bodied red wines you are going to love.  We'll be bottling as soon as we can! If you're looking for big and bold..... we're here for you!

We are also thrilled to have our Riesling available at the Waupoos Pub and Portabella, as well as our 2014 Giacomo's Select Baco with Lake on the Mountain restaurant.  More to come on other places to enjoy our wines - - stay tuned.

Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day and we look forward to seeing you.


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June 2016

Let's start this blog and bring you up to date!


We've made some changes to our tasting room/retail store.  We added a front porch awning to give you some shade and rain shelter, as well as a larger rear patio porch roof for shade and rain shelter.  We'll be adding an outside tasting centre for the busy summer season.  Our patio seats about 24 people.  We're dog friendly, bicycle friendly, and we've got picnic tables & shade umbrellas so you can bring your own picnic fare and enjoy our beautiful park setting for your family.

We've added a charcuterie platter built for two so you can enjoy your favourite glass of wine on the patio .... what better way to spend an afternoon? Visiting the Eastside and all it has to offer - - a wonderful day in Prince Edward County.

What wines do we have in the cellar?  We just released our much loved Vidal, and Riesling, but the reds are still to come!

Giacomo's Select Baco 2015 ..... a huge favourite that sells out fast.  It's big, dry, and full bodied. A great addition to your cellar.

Frontenac Noir (2013 reserve) ..... fruity, aromatic, and another favourite for our loyal customers.  Age-worthy if you can!  

Piccolo Rosso (Petit Pearl, 2015) .... so rich and fruity, but nicely oaked. This is a dry and full bodied red you will love.

Pinot Noir (Prince Edward Bay, 2015) ... classic Pinot in tune with Pat's philosophy of winemaking.  A true craft batch at only 15 cases.  This is certainly your wine for dinner.

Hailstorm Red (St. Croix 2015) ... this is your wine while you're cooking and when you are partying with friends!  Great with hors d'oeurves, charcuterie, or tapas because it compliments each individual finger food flavour.  It's short finish means your taste buds are ready for the next foodie flavour.  

and finally.... our beloved Pinotage (2015) grown right here on our fields.  Typically South African, our terroir produces a wine with strong full bodied flavours of coffee, chocolate and ripe red fruit.  Enjoyed as a young wine or aged wine, it's still a monster red.  Production will be about 13 cases.  Please join our waiting list to reserve yours!

We're looking forward to a great season and we'll have more updates and news for you in the coming weeks.




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